Weekend In Music

Friday@Dusk, Pound, the Morgana Phase, Passionplay, Loudsounds, Burn Channel @Askew, the Smoke Breaks, From the Pub to the Graveyard, and comedy @Union Station Brewery, Geo Trio

Saturday@Askew, Hope Anchor, Greg Allen’s Fringe Religion, the Bickersins @Fête Lounge, the Anti-Social, Spocka Summa @the Parlour, Brown Apples, the Sleds, Conduit @the Met, (sold out) Mountain Goats @Dusk, Hemlok, Starbath, Triangle Forest, Aerolis

Sunday@What Cheer Tavern (4pm), the Silks @Dusk, Dreamwell, Glassing, Lesser Glow, Sexless Marriage, Intake @the Met, Violin River @the Scürvy Dög, (Mega Show) Midnight Creeps, Daikaiju, the Hammer Party, Gnarnia, more

Monday@Dusk, Neglected Witches, Mecha, Phantom Ocean, more

(Photo of Hemlok)

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