Indian Music — River Road

(9.11) The Blackstone Park Conservancy invites the public for a free concert of classical Indian music this Sunday in the park on River Road across from the boathouse. Ajit Acharya (tabla) and Srinivas Reddy (sitar) will perform a medley of early evening ragas set to a variety of talas. Bring a blanket.

The classical music of India is an improvisatory art music tradition with roots in ancient philosophies and yogic practices. Today there are two distinct classical systems: the southern Carnatic tradition and the northern Hindustani tradition. Srinivas and Ajit are practitioners of the Hindustani genre which they learned from their respective teachers in the traditional master-disciple mode of apprenticeship. The Hindustani music tradition is unique in its rich blend of Indian and Islamic aesthetics.

The event is free; donations are appreciated. Go here to register.

Classical Indian music, free, 6pm, Sunday, September 11, Blackstone Field, 2 River Road, (directions)

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