Big Win For Progressive Sanchez Brothers

The folks at Casa Mexico sure know how to pick a winner, or two. Both Enrique and Miguel won their respective primaries with only “token opposition” expected in the general. The extended Sanchez family currently owns this market at Atwells and Academy, as well as the popular local restaurants Viva Mexico, Dolores, and El Rancho Grande. It only took a couple of generations — their grandfather arrived from Puebla in the 1980s — to produce this civic-minded pair, an immigrant story so common it’s almost a cliché. It’s still inspiring and with encouraging news for local progressives. From the profile in today’s ProJo:

Enrique Sanchez, 26, scored one of the left’s biggest victories in Tuesday’s primary election when he ousted a veteran legislator who’d been in office since before he was born. His brother, Miguel Sanchez, 24, handily won his own race for Providence City Council and is on track to become one of its youngest and most progressive members.

Both are members of the Providence chapter of Democratic Socialists of America and Reclaim Rhode Island.

It’s worth noting that neither is shying away from the “progressive” or “socialist” designations; that last one is often considered toxic in the Latino community. Of course Mexico is not Venezuela or Cuba, but still. Inspired by Bernie Sanders, both Enrique and Miguel proudly identified as Democratic Socialists and they won, proving that with good candidates, the right message, and aggressive door-to-door campaigning, Democratic Socialists can win people over. Helps if you have a big family.

Casa Mexico is jammed with spices, canned goods, tortillas, soccer shirts, baked goods, piñatas, kitchen ware, and a million varieties of hot sauce. In the back is a small restaurant.

Casa Mexico, 802 Atwells Avenue, (directions)


I love this painting on the side of the building . . . a happy ear of corn with tiny feet. The banner refers too Pixtla, the Puebla village where grandfather Enrique Sanchez Mora grew up.

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