‘Scream 2’ At Mall

(10.10) And what better place to celebrate nineties nostalgia and seasonal horror than the mall. To that end, Fathom Events will be hosting four screenings this long weekend in honor of the 25th anniversary of “Scream 2” (yes, you are that old). I may not be a slasher movie aficionado, but Janet Maslin has never steered me wrong. From her 1997 New York Times review:

It looks as if the ”Scream” franchise has staying power. In fact, the sneaky ”Scream 2” has so much tongue-in-cheek trickery that it virtually escapes the horror genre, the one it so happily lampoons. This ”Scream,” once again directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson, almost works as straight satire. It’s so sharp — pardon the expression — that no pretty young things absolutely had to die.

The cast has also had considerable staying power: Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, Liev Schreiber, Jada Pinkett Smith, Heather Graham, Laurie Metcalf (!), Omar Epps, Timothy Olyphant, and . . . David Arquette. Jeez, who wasn’t in this movie?

Fathom Events has four screenings on tap: 3pm and 7pm, Sunday and Monday.

Rated R. Running time: 2 hours, 7 minutes.

“Scream 2,” Sunday & Monday, October 9 & 10, Providence Place Cinema, (directions)

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