Betsey Williams Cottage Open House

(10.15) Step back in time to explore the Betsey Williams Cottage, home to Roger Williams’ great-great-great granddaughters, Betsey and Rhoda Williams. An open house is scheduled for this Saturday morning, with two more on the calendar in November and December.

In the 1773 cottage that today sits beneath a massive sycamore tree, Betsey Williams, the great-great-great granddaughter of Roger Williams, was born and raised with her sister Rhoda. The surrounding fields and marshes were their playground, and as adults their livelihood. It was in the cottage that the sisters wove cloth to supplement their income and also invited neighbors to dine and dance with them. Upon her death in 1871, Betsey bequeathed the cottage and 102 acres of surrounding farmland to the city of Providence, which became the foundation of Roger Williams Park.

Think of them dining and dancing as you walk through.

Open house, 10:30am to 12:30pm, Saturday, October 15, Betsey Williams Cottage, Roger Williams Park, (directions)


The cottage’s enormous sycamore tree has been given an assist with this particular branch. People probably sit/climb/pose on it. The crutch and the roping have been beautifully executed.

These spectacular sycamores with their mottled bark fell out of favor in the landscape due the unappealing symptoms of sycamore anthracnose. Unknown to what degree this specimen has been afflicted; clearly the growth of this giant has not suffered.

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