Weekend In Music

Friday@AS220 Main Stage, Trigger Discipline, La Neve, Feral Maz @the Vets, Dropkick Murphys @Fête Lounge, Narcotic Wasteland, Machine Gun Mayhem, Devil’s Champion @the Parlour, Professor Roots @the Columbus Theatre, Jake Blount @the Narrows, Leo Kottke

Saturday@Fête Ballroom, Loreta KBA, Mark Delman @the Parlour, Amy Jazz, the Dust Ruffles @AS220 Main Stage, Her Head’s On Fire, Joe McMahon, Snowplows @the Met, the World is a Beautiful Place etc., Stay Inside, Dreamwell @Askew, Doctor Gasp, the Z-Boys

Sunday@the Met, Titus Andronicus @Fête Lounge, ZEZZII, Mani @Greenwich Odeum, (sold out) Christopher Cross @the Parlour, Bible Studies, American Echoes, Lauren King @Dusk, Dead Boys, the Briefs, Suzi Moon, Midnight Creeps

(Photo of the Dust Ruffles)

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