Drugs ‘Take Back’ Day

(10.29) Time to clean out the medicine cabinet and the sock drawer and the glove compartment, and properly dispose of all those expired and no-longer-needed prescription drugs. On Saturday the DEA will be holding its Take Back Day with several locations in and around Providence including local police departments, even the Amtrak Police Department in the train station.

Don’t be flushing this stuff down the toilet! Our pharmaceuticals are finding their way into the ocean food chain. The Guardian reports on the work of a fish ecologist down in Florida:

Of the 93 bonefish she and her team sampled, all tested positive for at least one pharmaceutical, including heart medications, opioids, antifungals and antidepressants, according to the results of the study, published in February.

DEA Take Back Day, 10am to 2pm, Saturday, October 29

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