Vote For Seth Magaziner For Congress

[Update: Victory for Seth Magaziner! CD2 stays blue. BG 11.8]  Please. Don’t make Rhode Island the state that tips the house into the red. His opponent has promised to make common cause with the odious Kevin McCarthy and the former president, neither of whom have any interest in actually counting votes. If you care about a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, if you care about climate change, if you care about gun control, and if you care about the future of American democracy, vote for Seth Magaziner to represent Rhode Island’s Congressional District 2. The Boston Globe has endorsed Seth Magaziner:

Magaziner’s plans for Congress make him especially more compelling than his opponent. He would, for example, vote to codify Roe v. Wade on the national level, protecting abortion rights after the Supreme Court stripped them away. Fung, on the other hand, has a murky record on abortion, and while he told the Globe editorial board that he would support some abortion protections at the federal level, he was light on the details. And when it comes to guns, Fung has the dubious honor of an A rating from the National Rifle Association; Magaziner boasts an F rating and would support measures like an assault weapons ban.


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