Fox Point Veterans Memorial

Today we celebrate the women of World War II. They served to safeguard their homeland against fascists and military dictators. They fought to defend the United States, a nation of laws, with the understanding that upon their return they —  and their daughters and all their descendants — would be guaranteed equal protection under those laws. Americans today are called upon to fight just as hard to protect the democracy for which these women sacrificed so much.

The original location of the Fox Point Veterans Memorial was up and across Wickenden Street, close to the gas station. It has since been relocated down to the east end of the Point Street Bridge.

The following is from the description at the Smithsonian,

Rectangular stele with low relief plaques on both sides. One relief has four male soldiers representing each branch of the service in combat dress. The other relief has four female military personnel, also representing the four branches of the service. They wear dress uniforms and carry shoulder bags. A gilded eagle with its wings spread perches atop the monument.

The base is granite and the bronze reliefs were sculpted by Aristide Berto Cianfarani (1895-1960), an Italian born American sculptor who studied at the Rhode Island School of Design as well as in France and Italy.

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