Cicilline Opens Clementine Cocktail Bar

Congressman David Cicilline had so much time on his hands this year that he decided to go into the restaurant business, opening a cocktail bar downtown on Washington Street. Granted, at 20 seats, Clementine was not a massive undertaking, but still. (And he wrote a book, House on Fire. Where does he get the energy.)

You can find the new Clementine Cocktail Bar right across the street from Trinity Rep in what was formerly Tini Bar, Birch, and, long long ago, a counter called The New Yorker, where they served up fried egg sandwiches and wieners. The new general manager, Cristian Cantaragiu, is going in a different direction, having designed a menu of charcuterie, elegant bar food, and creative cocktails. Gail Ciampa writes in the ProJo:

He has an impressive résumé working in the beverage industry. . . Cantaragiu is designing eight signature cocktails and some mocktails. There will be a few wines and beers on the menu, but the focus will be on the cocktails. He promises cocktails made with outside-the-box ingredients and garnishes.

In an interview last week on The Public’s Radio, Ian Donnis asked Cicilline about the recent election, the future of the House, and . . . why the new restaurant.

I had a restaurant probably 25 or 30 years ago in Narragansett. I worked my whole life in restaurants, both as a busboy and as a waiter, put myself through college and law school, so I’ve always liked the business, but it just seemed like a cool opportunity to open something in downtown which I love.

So head downtown, order a Clementine Fizz, and make a toast to the hardest working man in the House.

Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 4pm to 11pm/ Friday-Saturday 4pm to 12am/ Sunday 4pm to 10pm. Follow on IG.

Clementine is named for Representative Cicilline’s great-grandmother.

Clementine Cocktail Bar, 200 Washington Street, (directions)

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