Weekend In Music

Friday@Machines With Magnets, Bochek (album release), Catalyst, Bullet Proof Backpack, Sequela @Dusk, Lost Art, the Morgana Phase, Socially Problematic Children, Frantic Endeavor, Junr @Fête Lounge, There There, Tired of Sex @Nick-A-Nee’s, Blue Light Bandits @the Met, the Winehouse Project @the Parlour, John Egan Band @Askew, Neal and the Vipers @Columbus Theatre, Drugdealer, Reverend Baron @AS220 Main Stage, Twin Foxes, Tragwag, Sullest, Exploding Zone

Saturday@Askew, Classic Ruins, Greg Allens’s Fringe Religion, the BickerSins @Alchemy, Sunday Morning, Depopulate Montana, Mind Body Problem, the Sleds, So So @Fête Lounge, Professor Caffeine and the Insecurities, Jetty, Pray for Sound, Vesta in Ruin, Bit Blitz @the Strand, Nardo Wick @Fête Ballroom, Tony Fika & Gama @Nick-A-Nee’s, Rory and the Blueshounds, (4pm) Brad Vickers and his Vestapolitans @the Met, Chance Emerson, Oliver Grynberg and the Contradictions, more @Dusk, Gannon, Attacking the Vision, Shapethrower, Creation from Crisis

Sunday@the Parlour, (Benefit Amos House, 4pm) Charlie Greene and the Blessed Sons

(Photo of Frantic Endeavor)

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