Sandwich Hut Opens Second, Huttier Location

Since 1963, three generations of the Kammerer family have been running the beloved Sandwich Hut on North Main Street. Seems now they have finally found a spot worthy of a second, additional location in Luongo Square, right across from the horse fountain and The Avery. Weather permitting, customers can sit on stools on the sidewalk and watch the world go by, or get away from the street noise and sit out back on the patio. And there is a takeout window, which more and more new restaurants seem to be installing just as a matter of course (you never know). Gail Ciampa writes in the ProJo:

Rebuilding what was a social club was a two year journey. It does have smaller kitchen and they can’t do the parm sandwiches, there. But they added other new selections including some new items and still make their Italian Muffulleta on focaccia (made with olive salad, provolone, prosciutto, mortadella and soppresata) and a brisket corned beef.

I was getting upset about the parm until I read the rest of that paragraph.

Hours at Carpenter Street location: 10am to 5pm, Tuesday-Friday/ 10am to 4pm, Saturdays.

Pix on IG. (Fun “before” photo of the former social club at Google maps.)

Sandwich Hut, 245 Carpenter Street, Luongo Square, (directions)


The original at 1253 North Main Street abides: “59 years, three generations, and who knows how many meatballs.”

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