Catch ‘Dust Twins’ At World’s Fair Gallery

One more weekend for ‘Dust Twins,’ a two-person show at the World’s Fair Gallery featuring the work of artists Jesse Kaminsky and Cybele Collins. Seen here is Kaminsky’s ‘Husky,’ fabricated out of foam, silicone, glass, acrylic resin, stainless steel wire, and nylon fibers. Knowing these ingredients takes away none of the mystery, because, no matter how close you look, they all look like the result of some naturally occurring, albeit alien, accident.

Originally from Arkansas, Kaminsky came to Providence for RISD, getting his MFA in sculpture in 2014; he decided to stay. Kaminsky has shown extensively around the country, and at IG we learn that he also works in sound and performance, DJing under the name Cinquefoil.

When you drop into the World’s Fair Gallery, there is a good chance one of the artists will be on hand; I had a great time picking Jesse’s brain, although I’m afraid I became preoccupied with his process, rather than things like  inspiration, symbolism, message, and such. (I apologize for my shortcomings; my background is science.)

And I was no less impressed with the mesmerizing paintings of Cybele Collins. (This gallery likes to pair 2-D and 3-D artists.) She also lives in Providence.

This show is up through November 28. Regular gallery hours are Saturday & Sunday, noon to 5pm. Or by special appointment.

I try to keep up with the gallery’s new exhibitions, but their shows are often up for short periods of time. I recommend you follow the World’s Fair Gallery at FB or IG to keep up. You might want to go to one of the opening receptions which are quite a scene.

Buy yourself a piece of original art — support your local artists!

World’s Fair Gallery, 268 Broadway, 774.991.3206, (directions)


Artist Jesse Kaminsky is ready to answer your questions.


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