Wild Colonial Open Thanksgiving Evening

(11.24) The Wild Colonial Tavern will be open from 8pm to 1am on Thanksgiving for those who just need a break from it all. They have darts, they have pool, they have televisions, and they have 16 beers on draught. It’s even looking a bit festive.

And from today’s Wild Colonial IG comes this useful bit of information from management:

As we come inside from the cold and head into the holidays, we thought it might be timely to remind everyone that the upgrades we made two years ago continue to deliver somewhere on the order of 2000 cfm of fresh air via our HVAC and fan systems. We also continue to use our air scrubbers and MRV13 filters. Just sayin’

They made a huge investment in that system just to keep everyone safe, so go breath their air. It’s probably safer than Grandma’s.

And yes, they have food, but what the heck have you been doing all day.

(They will be open Friday & Saturday, 4pm to 2am, as well. And so forth.)

8pm, Thanksgiving Thursday, November 24, Wild Colonial Tavern, 250 South Water Street, (directions)

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