A Rafter Of Turkeys

I will never get used to this. City folk in search of wild turkeys in a bucolic setting can just head over to Swan Point Cemetery — they are pretty easy to spot. For people of a certain age, the sight of a rafter, or flock, of turkeys strolling about town is just nutty. There never used to be any anywhere, but several decades ago the DEM reintroduced wild turkeys in the rural areas of the state. The success of the program has exceeded all expectations.

Learn more tonight when a new 30-minute documentary airs on PBS. Turkey Town “explores the recent explosion of the local turkey population in Massachusetts and the consequences, both negative and positive, caused by the rise in turkeys.”

I am firmly pro-turkey.

Swan Point Cemetery welcomes visitors but, given the context, there are some rules of etiquette.

Visitors are welcome to walk, slowly bicycle or drive around our grounds (please observe 15 mph speed limit). We ask visitors to wear proper attire including shirts and footwear, and respect the privacy and solemnity of chapel and graveside services. No walking of pets, skiing, skateboarding, fast bicycling, rollerblading or picnicking is allowed on our grounds. Jogging and fast walking are acceptable between 8:00 am and 9:00 am but, for safety reasons, no earphones may be worn at any time.

Swan Point Cemetery is mecca for birders and they have created their own Bird Life List including warblers, vireos, warbling vireos, bald eagles, and yes, turkey vultures.

Swan Point Cemetery, Blackstone Boulevard, (directions)

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