RI Shark Charity Plate To Benefit ASI

I predict this will be hit, whichever version is selected. And one reason is that the artwork and design is so good, which is not always the case. The Atlantic Shark Institute is making a bid to become one of the new charity plates with an image of the endangered shortfin mako shark. The state will issue official license plates featuring an original design, once the qualified charity has collected enough pre-orders for the state to go into production. (The state police will also need to give it a thumbs-up. It does have to be readable.) Charity plates in Rhode Island cost $42.50, with the charity receiving $20 from each plate sold.

There are two different versions of this shark for you to vote on at this stage. Seen here is Choice #1, which is my preference and apparently ahead in the voting. First I’d like to say, the mako shark is hands-down the most aesthetically pleasing of all sharks. The blue shark is similar and also a favorite. Plus, this version includes a couple of mackerel, which I also enjoy eating. Let’s hear it for the middle of the food chain! Go to the ASI Facebook page for details.

We are really excited to share that the State of RI has approved the Atlantic Shark Institute for a charity license plate. It will be another source of revenue for our critical research. It took two years but it was well worth the effort! We hired marine artist Paul McPhee to create a painting of a shortfin mako for us, and here it is. It’s absolutely beautiful and will be the coolest license plate in the US! While we don’t yet know how dark the state will allow the painting to be, here is where you come in. Do you like #1 (the entire mako) or #2 (the close-up version)? Please comment and we are going to tabulate the responses and share the winner next week. Once approved it will take a while to get them made as we need hundreds of pre-orders before they’ll start production. But with this design, we’re not worried!

I’m not worried either. Regular readers will know how grumpy I am about some of these charity license plates because the artwork is so crappy. But look what happens when you turn the job over to a professional artist! That ‘Save Our Wildlife’ plate is a mess and I have seen only one ever. The ASI mako on the other hand may end up outnumbering the state-issued Wave. And guess which organization will raise more funds. Ergo, if you have a charity, and want to make money, pay for a professional artist.

And speaking of good design, the way the ASI website opens is awesome.


This is Choice #2, the close-up.

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