‘Twelve Pies of Christmas’ At Pizza Marvin

Throughout the month Pizza Marvin on Wickenden Street will be hosting ’12 Pies of Christmas’ featuring custom pizzas by twelve of Rhode Island’s best chefs. Each pizza costs $35 with proceeds going to support Farm Fresh RI. Last year, the first year for the fundraiser, they made $9,000 for Amos House. The pizzas are for dinner only so you must select a pickup time between 5pm and 9:30pm.

Seen here is assistant-manager Christopher who runs expo* and has been with Marvin since they opened. Christopher explained how ’12 pies’ works. On the day of, the guest chef shows up and works with the Marvin kitchen to work up a recipe that reflects their own cuisine. That night the specialty pies (they make 30) will go on sale. When possible, the visiting chef returns to assist with the pie-making and greeting the customers. The lineup is as follows:

December 7 — Thames Street Kitchen              December 8 — Dolores

December 11 — Chilangos                                    December 12 — Basil & Bunny

December 13 — New Rivers                                 December 14 — Tallulah’s Taqueria

December 15 — Fortnight Wine Bar                  December 18 — Oberlin

December 19 — Dips Dips                                    December 20 — Dune Brothers

December 21 — Bywater                                       December 22 — Durk’s Bar-B-Q

Go here to pre-order.

*Expo is restaurant lingo for “expediter.” This is the person who reads out orders as they come in, and puts the finishing touches on the food before it’s taken from the kitchen out to guests.

More at ProJo.

Pizza Marvin, 468 Wickenden Street, 401.262.3336, (directions)


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