Hanukkah Spectaculah — Biltmore Park

(12.18) I don’t know if these musicians are on tap for this Sunday’s celebration, but they were fantastic last year. Kids immediately started hopping up and down and the grownups soon joined in. I believe this was klezmer music and I wish I had gotten the name of the group; these musicians showed great virtuosity. It was great fun. The Second Annual Hanukkah Spectaculah, downtown in the Biltmore Park next to the skating rink.

On Sunday, December 18, the City of Providence’s Department of Art, Culture + Tourism will host its second annual Hanukkah Spectaculah with festive food, music, drinks, candle-lighting, and art with your neighbors and friends.

Free and open to the public, 3pm to 6pm, Sunday, December 18, Biltmore Park, 10 Kennedy Plaza, (directions)

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  1. will jackson

    PDD: Glad you caught this under-the-radar event. I will be there, since live Klezmer is some great music, but I find it unfortunate that the event’s sponsoring group (City of Providence Arts and Tourism?) did not get the word out–I am on their e-mail list–and when you finally locate publicity for the event, it states that it takes place “from “3 to 6.” So, are we going to stand around and kibbitz for 3 hours, hoping that there will be a band this year and that they will start at an approximate time? Can’t they just announce the band’s set and when they will play in the advance publicity? (File under: Why are interesting Providence events often underattended. Answer: Lack of solid information.)

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