Nicholson File Art Studios Holiday Sale

(12.18) Check out the Nicholson File Art Studios this weekend for their 18th Annual Thirsty Holiday Sale.

Working artists currently occupy 9000 square feet of industrial space in the former power plant of Providence’s historic Nicholson File complex. We are a mix of artists, designers, makers, and small business owners who are making significant contributions to the city’s built environment and cultural landscape.

Artists have been working in Building 38 of the Nicholson File complex since 2009. The community began to take shape with an influx of artists from the Steel Yard and has grown organically over the years. For more than a decade we have developed into a studio of 30 members all with serious art practices.

Hours: 6pm to 9pm, Friday/ noon to 5pm, Saturday/ noon to 5pm, Sunday

Nicholson File Art Studios, December 16-18, 350 Kinsley Avenue, Bldg 38, (directions)

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