‘Decision To Leave’ At Avon

Check out “Decision to Leave” now playing at the Avon Cinema. Director Park Chan-wook hits the ground running so don’t be late. Manolha Dargis writes in the New York Times,

Park drops you into the movie so abruptly that you would be forgiven for thinking that you had missed the first 15 minutes (or a prequel). As the staccato of bullets fills the soundtrack, a flurry of rapidly deployed scenes zip by, and the movie jumps from two detectives shooting at an indoor firing range and chatting, and then working a case and talking some more. The opening draws you right in with its destabilizing jump cuts, controlled freneticism, narrative ellipses and oddball swerves — cut to a fog-wreathed discussion about insomnia — which creates an inviting ambiguity. It’s unclear what’s happening; it will remain unclear for a while.

Rated R. Running time: 139 minutes.

Also playing is “Tár” with Cate Blanchett. Rated R. Running time: 158 minutes.

Through January 12, Avon Cinema, 260 Thayer Street, (directions)

2 thoughts on “‘Decision To Leave’ At Avon”

  1. My apologies! I did not see that at all. Believe me, I feel the same way.

  2. jeez… with cellar stories, fortnight, wayland bakery and so many other pvd staples closing you had to have known that headline would give some of us a heart attack.

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