Fane Tower Meeting — Wednesday

The public is being urged to attend a presentation from the Fane Organization this Wednesday before the 195 Commission meeting. Fane will present “a concept plan proposal . . . for the revised design of their Parcel 42 project.”  From the Providence Preservation Society:

Fane Tower is back on the docket with a new design: rounded edges, reduced parking, and two additional residential floors. The total building height remains at an astounding 550 feet. This proposal has defied the zoning code and planning department, and most of all, the will of the people.

The 195 commission has this as Agenda Item #12. I have no idea what this means regarding the evening’s schedule.

Here are the members of the 195-Commission.

Regular Dose readers know how I feel about this monstrosity.

5pm, Wednesday, January 18, District Hall, 2nd floor, 225 Dyer Street, (directions)

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  1. Elizabeth Winzig

    This tower is outside the architecture style of Providence downtown. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and approve of the buildings built in the downtown area. The buildings in Houston fit Houston but would not work in Providence.

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