Foodie Heaven — Good Fortune Supermarket

This place is huge. It could be measured in acres. Just off of Elmwood Avenue, the Good Fortune Supermarket is open seven days with unlimited parking. Anyone planning a special meal for the upcoming Lunar New Year will find everything they need here in the massive seafood section, the enormous produce department, and the endless aisles of spices, snacks, rice, beans, noodles, and desserts. It would probably be easier to list the products you can not find here: haggis, matzoh, and . . . that’s it.

The seafood counter runs for about 70 feet along the back wall with cases of whole fish, fillets, grouper heads and such, on ice. If you are looking for something fresher, there are many large tanks of live creatures like eel, tilapia, crabs, lobsters, calcarifer, and gobies.

As you first walk in on the left there is an area selling prepared roast ducks, chickens, and roast pig. They can also prepare a plate for eating on the premises, about $10.

It’s a quick trip: From the city, take 95-South to the exit for Roger Williams Park. Instead of turning left for the park, go right. Then take your first right onto Cadillac Drive.

The Good Fortune website is not in English but includes photos of meat, fish, and produce, as well as an eclectic array of products including Morton salt, hair dye, and the tempting “brown candy in pieces.”

It appears that the market is open from 8:30am to 8:30pm every day, with 8:30am to 9:30am reserved for seniors!

Good Fortune Supermarket, 101 Cadillac Drive, (directions)


This may be your only source of jellyfish heads in town.

Fish balls!

I think these guys must be in BTS. (There are signatures on the bags.)


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