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And hearer. Amphibian species are disappearing at an alarming rate across the globe and the Roger Williams Park Zoo is looking for volunteers to join in the effort to help conserve the remaining amphibians by reporting data on the calls of local frogs and toads. As a citizen scientist with “Become a Frogwatcher” you can help save the frogs. (I’m not sure we haven’t already screwed the pooch on this one, but at least, when that day comes, you will be able to look your grandchildren in the eyes and say you tried.)

Program volunteers attend just one training session that discusses the importance of amphibians in the environment. The training also informs participants on how to tell frog species apart by their calls, and track our local population to help protect various species of amphibians. Volunteers commit to auditing a local amphibian habitat (such as a pond or lake) and collecting data on what they hear, approximately once a week for about 15 minutes.

From the FAQs:

How old do you have to be? FrogWatchers go outside at night at least 30 minutes after sunset but no later than 1:00am. The total observation period on a given night takes about 15 minutes. Although we do not have a minimum age, as an after-dark activity the FrogWatch program is aimed towards adults and older children.

What is the commitment? In Rhode Island and surrounding New England area, we typically hear breeding calls starting in March through September. We challenge FrogWatchers to go out in the field once per week to listen depending on weather. We ask that all FrogWatchers complete a minimum of 4 observations throughout the season, though more is always better!

There is one in-person training session scheduled for February 19th. Another option: A self-guided virtual training option will become available to registered households on February 19th. All participants will need to complete the training by March 31st. Trainings take about 2 hours to complete.

In Person at the Zoo Training: February 19th, 10:30am – 1pm.

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