WC Flower Farm ‘Valentine’s Bouquet-A-Thon’

Next week is What Cheer Flower Farm’s annual Valentine’s Bouquet-a-thon, a fundraiser where you donate $10 to the farm, then someone at a local hospital gets a bouquet on the 15th. This is the best a-thon going . . . spreading joy while reducing waste.

What Cheer Flower Farm presents its third Valentine’s Bouquet-a-thon on the morning of Wednesday, February 15. The Farm rescues unsold Valentine’s Day flowers from local florists, and a team of volunteers assembles them into hundreds of bouquets that are then delivered by the Farm’s CheerMobile to hospitals across the state.

Volunteer bouquet makers this year represent local service organizations including ReFocus, SSTARbirth, and St. Martin de Porres Senior Center. A celebrity volunteer table will include local author Christine Chitnis, Providence City Council President Rachel Miller, and State Representative Enrique Sanchez, who represents the Farm’s Olneyville neighborhood.

How you can help: You can donate $10 to sponsor one bouquet for delivery Wednesday, or dig a little deeper and become a sponsor and support the organization’s year-round activities.

What Cheer Flower Farm is located a block from Olneyville Square where they hold that amazing fundraising festival in the summer. They are a 501(c)3 nonprofit which grows, rescues and gives away 100,000 flowers per year to Rhode Islanders in difficult situations, “Because everyone deserves a bouquet.”

Bouquet-a-thon, Wednesday, February 15, 189 Broadway, (directions)


The Cheer Mobile

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