Congressman Cicilline To Step Down

This seems to have taken everyone by surprise. At the end of May, Congressman — and customer favorite — David Cicilline will be leaving behind the soul-crushing stupidity and venality that currently define the McCarthy House. (Complete disclosure: I have supported Mr. Cicilline’s political career since he first ran mayor over two decades ago. I have never regretted my support, although, I am kind of mad that we will now have to go through another election.) From Ted Nesi et al at WPRI:

In a bombshell announcement that will shake up Rhode Island politics, Congressman David Cicilline announced Tuesday morning he is becoming the next president and CEO of the Rhode Island Foundation, leaving the U.S. House after over a decade.

Much ink will be spilled over this decision, but it may not be all that complicated. Dan McGowan’s analysis in the Boston Globe sounds about right:

The Democrats are now the minority party, and although he was an early supporter of Leader Hakeem Jeffries, the path to other leadership positions – like whip or caucus chair – is blocked. Here at home, it doesn’t appear that US Senators Jack Reed or Sheldon Whitehouse will call it quits anytime soon. He privately flirted with running for governor last year, but chose to run for reelection instead.

Now for the more important reason to leave Congress: Being the head of the Rhode Island Foundation is simply a better job. Running the state’s largest philanthropic organization guarantees that Cicilline will be at the center of every major policy decision in Rhode Island, and gives him the resources to actually make a difference.

Cicilline has represented Rhode Island’s 1st District with distinction since 2011 through the most turbulent and distressing of times. I don’t know how he maintained his sanity. I am very grateful to him for all his hard work, and for making us proud whenever he opened his mouth to speak.

Ballotpedia has Congressman Cicilline’s full political history. His new salary will be $650,000/year. The Rhode Island Foundation released this statement.

The Governor must wait till June 1st to announce the details of the special election.

Seen here is the menu board at Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches on South Main Street (I added the blue star). The David Cicilline is made with hot genoa salami, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, pepperoncini, and oil & vinegar, for $10.99.


They still have those excellent pickles.

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