‘Sort Later’ — RISD Senior Show At Woods-Gerry

(2.28) Fliers, posters, signage, banners, images, words, numbers, symbols surround us everywhere, vying for our attention. Graphic design is the art of communicating ideas visually — and the results should be eye-catching — but when you pack this many assignments into one floor, it sure has impact. The visual barrage of the RISD Graphic Design Senior Show “Sort Later” can be overwhelming . . . but in a good way. (Even the wall texts, usually a perfunctory typed tag, have been specially designed, creating a unified look and guiding the eye.) The seniors themselves have a reassuring message on the wall:

The senior class wishes to present our work with the acknowledgement that this is a celebration of process and new beginnings as much as it is the end results of our time at RISD. We’re excited to present our procedural abundance and communal fortitude, and we don’t blame the viewer if they are overwhelmed. If that’s the case, we suggest you Sort Later.

The Senior Shows always kick off with an opening reception on the prior Thursday evening (6pm to 7:30pm) with refreshments and even a DJ. These are fun and lively — the artists are on hand, explaining their work and having fun with friends — but the art is easier to view during regular gallery hours.

Coming up: Painting, Illustration, Apparel, Industrial Design, Textiles, and more. This season ends with Furniture Design (a personal favorite) in May, and the Senior Invitational in June. Go here for schedule.

More about the RISD GD program here. More pix of the show at FB.

Gallery hours: Friday & Saturday, 10am to 5pm/ Sunday, 2pm to 5pm/ Monday, 10am to 5pm/Tuesday, 10am to 4pm.

Sort Later, Friday thru Tuesday, February 24 to 28, Woods-Gerry Gallery, 62 Prospect Street, (directions)


Opening reception.

‘Papillon’ by Krithi Srinivas

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