Weekend In Music

Friday@the Dirt Palace, Baby Baby, La Neve, Ultra Deluxe, Blue Shift @Askew, Chris Walton, Miranda Rae, Smug Honey @the Met, King Jeremy, Paranoid Android, Green Sabbath @Nick-A-Nee’s, Dan Lilley and the Keepers @Dusk, Resin Ed and friends, Wild Sundays @the Parlour, Western Stars

Saturday@Fête Lounge, Wolves at the Gate, Convictions, Discrepancies, Earth Groans, Curses, Valoria, Saved by Skarlet @the Met, Playing Dead @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Dick Clarks @Dusk, (2pm) From Ashes Reborn, Never Gonna Make It, Adherence, more @Alchemy, Quinn Sullivan, Veronica Lewis @the Parlour, Irish Rebels @Red Ink, the Looms, Justin Arena, Jesse the Tree, Meaghan Casey @USB, Keating and Company @Askew, (9pm) Jake Wasson MD, Great Gale @Askew, (5pm) Date Nite, Yet to Bloom, more @Greenwich Odeum* (sold out) Laurie Berkner

Sunday@AS220, Crywank, Examiner, Amadine @the Met, Brass Attack @Fête Lounge, Thank You Scientist, the Morgana Phase, Coma Hole @Alchemy, Fox Teeth, Not Yer Baby, Sue’s Garage, Nift Superposition @Dusk, Fed Ash, Razed, New Hell, Bimbos, Vicious Ritual, Sunflo’er

*The Greenwich Odeum has been booking great music, but they tend to sell out. Mavis Staples and Richard Thompson are already sold out . . . so shop early.

(Photo of Fed Ash)

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