Fane Tower Is Dead!

We never have to think about this stupid tower and those odious people ever again! From WPRI:

The chairman of the I-195 Commission, Marc Crisafulli, announced Friday that the Fane Organization has opted not to continue with the project. The developers were in the middle of attempting to negotiate a new design approval with the state commission, ahead of a late March closing date for the $3 million sale of the land.

. . . The proposal dragged on for years, even after the Fane Organization signed a purchase-and-sale agreement for the old highway land.

I don’t have much to say yet, but I certainly wanted to help spread the word and the joy. We’ve earned this! Now I have calls to make . .  we have a party to plan!

3 thoughts on “Fane Tower Is Dead!”

  1. Daniella Abrams-Lopes

    Is there a plan B or backup plan

    The tower was silly (no one in providence wants to live on the 49th floor of anything) but I haven’t heard what else the city might be able to use the land for. As a homeowner I don’t see much tax relief in sight and at the same time services are lacking and safety esp DT is a concern.

  2. Hopefully they can sell the property again but as the economy looks now it’s not going to be generating any tax revenue for at least another decade

    In the meantime what the plan for the Superman building and the surrounding offices and stores? I hope the new mayor has a good plan because the last guy really let us down

  3. Jorge Paliano

    1. So now what? What is the plan to develop the property and increase the tax base for everyone’s benefit?

    2 and what about the blight known as 1/2 of downtown (sure we can focus all day on the Superman building because, well it’s obvious) but storefront after storefront is vacant and the park and KP can often resemble a war zone.

    We are suffering from many years of terrible leadership starting at the top and working our way down. This beautiful city needs a 15-20 year master plan or it will continue to fester and crumble

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