Illustration Senior Show At Woods-Gerry

(3.14) A strong show this year from the RISD illustration students whose remarkable creativity and high level of technical mastery are everywhere on display. The RISD Illustration Senior Exhibition features work in acrylic paints, gouache on rice paper, oils on canvas, graphite and charcoal, and woodblock prints, as well as more modern techniques like digital illustration, animation, and Risograph printing.

Seen here is Domingo Pablo’s acrylic paint on canvas, “Beautiful In and Beautiful Out.”

A second Senior Painting exhibition goes up March 17th.

Senior Illustration runs through March 14, Woods Gerry Gallery, 62 Prospect Street, (directions)


Not sure why this is in the illustration category, but I like it a lot.

Maya Enriquez’s “Jack in a Box” is polymer clay, paint, wood and fabric.

“Underwater” by Songah Lee is a digital illustration.


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