Brown University ‘Brain Fair’

(3.18) Why are children better at learning new languages than adults? How do optical illusions work? And does practice really make perfect? The Brown Brain Fair is back, live and in person. Meet real scientists . . . make brain art . . . touch real human brains! Join university students, in partnership with the Brown Carney Institute for Brain Science, in the lobby of the Engineering Research Center on Brook Street. (This building is pretty cool. Patterned tiles and swell light fixtures are all around the interior. And check out the analema on the lawn.)

Join scientists and volunteers from more than 20 Brown science labs and centers, together with local health care and community organizations, for a full day of brain science fun.

Visitors can measure their brain’s electrical activity, control a state-of-the-art robotic arm, examine mini-brains under a microscope, solve interactive puzzles, test their memory, and dress up like a scientist, among other family-friendly stations and activities. Brown faculty and student researchers will also give five-minute mini-lectures, or “Lightning Talks,” on brain health, mental illness, artificial intelligence and the science of senses.

Free face painting and cool merch. From FB event.

Free, 10am to 2pm, Saturday, March 18, Engineering Center, 345 Brook Street, (directions)


The analemma. Instructions are etched on surface within.


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