Apsara Asian Restaurant Reopens

We are happy to announce that Apsara Asian Restaurant reopened last week for full dine-in service; this has caused much joy on social media, with over a hundred comments on FB. They had been open for take-out since the end of the lockdown, but people are so ready to go out to eat with friends. As to the restaurant’s name: “In Cambodian culture, an Apsara is a young and beautiful supernatural being who’s purpose is to perform a ballet like dance, known as the “Apsara Dance”, only in the presence of King of Cambodia.

The menu includes the cuisine of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China.

Many of our dishes we serve at the Apsara restaurant are very hot and spicy, but our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you select the right dish combinations that suite your tastes.  We have a variety of dishes to choose from.

My friend Alane recommends the Thai crispy wings* and “Now we can get them hot outta the kitchen.”

A sign in the window indicates that they are open seven days. This is Public Street at Stanwood Street, just off of Elmwood. (The restaurant originally opened back in 1986 on Broad Street.)

*There are at least three items on the menu that fit this description: Spicy Hot Thai Wings, Crispy Wings Black Pepper, or the Crispy Wings Thai Garlic Sauce. You will have the happy task of trying all three and figuring it out for yourself. I’m getting hungry just typing this.

Apsara, 716 Public Street, 401.785.1490, (directions)


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