Knight Street Getting Its Bar Back

You don’t have to live in the West End to be glad for this news: The former, much-loved E&O Tap is being refitted to become your new regular neighborhood bar, Deadbeats. When the new owners Jeffrey and Courtney Angell lived in the neighborhood, the E&O was a favorite haunt. So they had no choice really.

The Angells are aiming to open sometime in April. We will return and get a proper interview when that happens. In the meantime they are sprucing the place up a bit — including the patio space out back — and they have added this swell new sign.

We here at the Dose have a soft spot for this location; it was at the E&O in 2007 that the idea for a local blog was birthed. We returned ten years later to celebrate the anniversary.

Deadbeats, 289 Knight Street

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