Week In Music

Monday@Dusk, Corvin’s Breed, Fate of the Damn’d, Death Raver, Ravager @Fête Lounge, Ezra Furman, Asher white

Tuesday@Alchemy, Kingsmen, Rise Among Rivals, Zone Zero, Dead Reflections, Hemingway @Nick-A-Nee’s, Marty and Friends @Dusk, Anxious Wave, more

Wednesday@Revival Brewery, Academy Order, Pleasure Coffin, Trigger Discipline, Fine @Dusk, Hysteria, Vertigo, G42, Tw3ak @Fête Lounge, Robert Bushinsky, Lucretia’s Daggers, A Fifth Column, Starvation Wages @News Cafe, Rent Strike, Troll 2, Justin Arena

Thursday@AS220, Main Stage, Helpful Hands, There, Handsy @Dusk, Caustic Echoes, Between Skies, Medjugorje @Fête Lounge, the Punk Cellist, Oh the Humanity, Whenzdaze, Riverbed @Nick-A-Nee’s, Ghost Cat Rodeo @Troop, Tye Cooper f. Chach @Askew, Club d’Elf, Dave Fiuczynski, the Stupid Robots

(Photo of Pleasure Coffin)

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