Birbiglia — New Show Added

Attention fans of Mike Birbiglia: The Columbus Theatre has added a sixth show on April 7th and tickets will go fast. The first five shows sold out so quickly I didn’t have time to write them up, so I will not waste time trying to sell this thing. As the title indicates, “Working It Out” audiences will apparently be part of his “process.” His podcast of the same name features “a different comedian or creator each week and together they work out original, untested material. And, occasionally, uncomfortable topics.” The live show is described as:

On the heels of his hit Broadway show The Old Man and the Pool, Mike works out new jokes and stories, improvises, and takes questions from the audience.

Four ticket limit per person.

(Additional note: It would appear that this show has now sold out.)

New Birbigs show, GA $40, 9:30pm, Friday, April 7, Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, (directions)

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