Peregrine Nesting Box Online

What are you looking at? Spring is here and the peregrine webcam is up and running once again. Every year the Audubon Society of RI provides this mesmerizing view of the nesting box on top of the Superman Building downtown. It’s hard to tell male from female unless they are together (the female is the big one). From the ASRI:

Welcome to the 2023 nesting season – eggs should be coming any day now! Can you see the “scrape” in the nestbox? This depression is where the eggs will rest.

This year’s pair is unbanded for the sixth year in a row – so it is impossible to confirm if they are the same pair from last year. However, the adult Peregrine Falcons that utilize this nest box usually have enough year-round food in their territory, allowing them to stay in the state instead of migrating south each winter. So, it is possible that the 2023 pair are the same birds that nested here as last year.

It seems like we are a little behind schedule; by this time last year was there was already an egg. And three years ago, there were three eggs. We will keep you posted.

(I seem to have the best luck watching the action here. I just leave the tab open.)

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