Wedding Cake — Open House & Artist Talks

(4.4) Head over to the Wedding Cake House Tuesday and get to know the cohort of artists from the final residency of the season. The public is invited to an Open House and Artist Talks where the amazing custom wallpapers, lighting fixtures, fireplaces, bathrooms, and wall art, threaten to overwhelm the senses. Beautiful stained glass, woodwork, and tiling are everywhere.

The Wedding Cake House is owned and operated by The Dirt Palace, a feminist arts organization that specializes in artist residencies and exhibitions. The renovated house now functions as a hybrid: when not hosting the artist residencies, it is a bed and breakfast. Dirt Palace founders Xander Marro and Pippi Zornoza  first saw the inside of the building in 2017 following 30 years of neglect. This renovation was a mammoth undertaking.

Learn about the residencies here.

Open House — 5pm to 6pm.

Artist Presentations — 6pm to 7pm (limited seating, DM to RSVP)

Open House, 5pm to 7pm, Tuesday, April 4, Wedding Cake House, 514 Broadway, (directions)


Stained Glass.

Unique fireplace.

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