The Wheels Of Justice Start Their Grind

Well it has finally happened. On Tuesday we finally saw the first of the many indictments soon to rain down on the head of the former president. And I am smiling . . . in fact, I am in full gloat. Come on, we’ve earned it!

Certain sober-minded analysts, eager to establish their gravitas for the history books, keep saying, today is a sad day for our nation. Yes, but other ‘sad day’ candidates from my calendar: November 8, 2016; January 6, 2021; June 24, 2022 (ask a woman). Sorry, I just can’t stop smiling.

As to whether the cases are being brought in the wrong order, that’s just not how this works. Hate to disappoint the viewing audience, but this is not a scripted police procedural. There will be no logical story arc, but be patient, more indictments are coming! The Bragg case may not even be the first to go to trial.

And initial misgivings concerning the strength of this case were allayed once the legal analysts experienced in this practice had read the charges, and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg had given his skillful elucidation. And no this was no “bookkeeping error.” The theory of the case goes to the scheme to withhold vital information from the voters only weeks before the election. The following piece in The New York Times lays out the history of the case, “How Alvin Bragg resurrected the case against Donald Trump.”

Think this isn’t important? Imagine what might have happened had voters learned of the Stormy Daniels payoff scandal that October, just weeks before the election. From Politico:

Bragg said that Trump, executives at the publishing company American Media Incorporated, Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen, and others agreed to a “catch and kill” scheme in 2015, planning to “buy and suppress negative information to help Mr. Trump’s chances of winning the election.”

This idiot might never have been president! The past six years would never have happened.

One more point: The defendant didn’t pay Stormy Daniels for sex, he paid for her silence.

More encouraging signs from April 4th: Reporters outnumbered the protesters at the Manhattan courthouse, despite the marching orders from Mar-a-Lardo (thank you Colbert). Many were actually there to sell merch. And Janet Protasiewicz, a liberal Milwaukee County judge, overwhelmingly defeated Daniel Kelly, a conservative former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice who sought a return to the bench (NYT). That was huge.

An old saying says, “The wheels of justice grind slow but exceedingly fine.” Here’s to the impotent pile of Cheeto dust cowering in a prison cell at the end of this slow grind.

The opinions expressed here are mine alone.

(Seen here is the figure of Justice — a seated female figure holding a balance on her lap and the sword of Justice in her left hand — in front of the Federal Courthouse on Kennedy Plaza.)

1 thought on “The Wheels Of Justice Start Their Grind”

  1. Marc Shapiro

    So long as you are ok with the newly elected (GOP) DA of Arkansas convening a grand jury to uncover the tax law violations in the Clinton Foundation

    And so long as you are going to enjoy 85 year old Joe Biden being grilled on the stand day after day on Court TV trying to explain (or even remember) his involvement in his son and brothers questionable dealings

    Then I guess this is a day to celebrate

    OR maybe CNN and MSNBC and the NYtimes and DA Bragg could realize that they are in fact the entities that are continuing to feed into the Trump machine

    Do you know WHY the Kardashians are famous? Because we let them be. We pay attention to them. If the (mostly but not only) Liberal media would just stop talking about Trump he would shrivel up and fade away (like his Truth social essentially did). But CNN and MSNBC need trump for their ratings books. So we will continue to be subjected to him and we as a nation will be given zero opportunity to heal and move on

    So if you are ok with all of that. I guess it’s time to celebrate

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