‘Olive Del Mondo’ On Hope Street

Now under new ownership, although the transition has been seamless. Rhode Island native Steven Falaguerra began working at Olive del Mondo five years ago; at the time, his hours as a bike messenger were being curtailed and he saw that they were hiring. He has been running the business ever since. The former owners left the country and ended up putting down roots elsewhere. “I’ve been running the business since they hired me . . . they hired me to work full time.” Steve became the owner of Olive del Mondo last December.

So how does a bike messenger get up to speed in the olive oil trade? “I wanted to be good at my job so I just got all the books that I could; there’s time between customers so I would read everything I could find. . . how it’s made, how it’s made best. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and eating . . . that was kind of what sold me and made me want to stay. I just fell in love with all the products. I want to use this stuff everyday.”

Asked about favorite sources and new products? “Spain . . . Portugal . . . but I just got a sample from Albania, and it’s a really good one, so maybe that’s next. California olive oil is getting better and better every year. And all the balsamic vinegars are aged at least twelve years, some are aged longer . . . all aged in Modena, it’s a protected region.” [It was here that we got distracted talking about Stanley Tucci’s “Searching for Italy” which everyone should have seen by now. Season 2 coming in May.]

Customers needing guidance or suggestions should just ask: “I talk about food all day. That’s the best part of the job. I get to talk about what we’re going to make for dinner all day.”

Store hours: Seven days: 10am to 6pm, Monday thru Saturday/ noon to 5pm, Sunday. FB.

Olive del Mondo, 815 Hope Street, 401.383.5733, (directions)

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