Johnson & Wales — Major In Cannabis

How many college students have joked about majoring in weed — now it is actually possible. As cannabis was being made legal for adult recreational use around the country, Johnson & Wales University saw business opportunities opening up and created a four-year Cannabis Entrepreneurship degree program.

This rigorous Bachelor of Science (B.S.) spans the entire process of building a business within the cannabis industry. GPA requirements in high school sciences are considered in the application approval for this program; the program requires a GPA of 2.75 or higher. You’ll start with the foundations of entrepreneurship to learn how to create and launch your own business or work with an established company. From there, you’ll explore the process of developing your own non-psychoactive cannabis product (best known as CBD) from seed to distribution.*

Course topics cover soil science, hydroponics, foundations in chemistry, and the all-important small business management.

Big thanks to friend-of-the-dose Annie for bringing this to my attention! I had nothing for 4/20, and it seems to be expected of me.


Below is a part of their asterisk explanation.

*Although many state laws have legalized both marijuana and hemp (including Rhode Island), marijuana remains an illegal Schedule I controlled substance under federal law. The university must comply with both federal and state law; therefore, the university strictly prohibits the distribution, growth, possession, processing, production, sale, and use of marijuana, with limited exceptions for research only insofar as permitted under all applicable laws. As such, students will not actually be working with cannabis but learning about the processes using similar plants, such as tomato, sundew, coleus and other plants that mimic the growth conditions of cannabis. Hemp is legal, albeit regulated; all uses of hemp must comply strictly with all applicable laws. 


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