Update From The Nest Box

We’re getting close to hatching time. By April 30 of last year three of the four eggs had hatched. Earlier today this parent was getting up and down, pulling together the nesting material such as it is, and fiddling with the eggs. (That may not mean anything; I am not an ornithologist.) The Audubon Society website provides this calculation:

The incubation period lasts around 30-35 days. To predict a hatch date, we count 30–35 days from when the second-to-last egg was laid as this is usually when incubation fully begins.

They reported on April 2nd that the third egg (there are now four) had been laid. Thirty days gets us to May 2nd. So stand by.

The annual Party for the Peregrines fundraising auction will be held Saturday, May 13th, at the Caratunk Wildlife Refuge in Seekonk.

Proceeds from the auction will support the Providence Peregrine webcam, raptor education programs in schools, raptor care – including food and veterinary costs – and most importantly, the protected habitats that raptors call home.

It’s in person this year!


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