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Homegrown owner Russell Stafford was busy organizing the sales yard today when I dropped in to survey the rare and unusual plants on offer this spring. Russell propagates many hard-to-find plants, mostly from seed, mostly native, many shade-lovers.

Here are some of his favorites this year:

Aquilegia canadensis ‘Corbett’ a columbine with yellow flowers, grown from seed.

Saxifraga pensylvanica, or swamp saxifrag, which takes really damp soil. It has tongue-shaped leaves which stand up about a foot long and turn purple in the fall.

Solidago flexicaulis, or zigzag goldenrod because the stems kind of zigzag. Goldenrods  are often thought of as a sun plant but this one likes the shade. Russell emphasized “Goldenrods don’t cause hayfever, so don’t worry about that.” He’s right about that.

Viola riviniana Purpurea, the common dog-violet, but with purple foliage.

He also pointed out Sedum ternatum ‘Larinem Park’ a sedum native to the woods west of RI, which has small succulent leaves and little white flowers. It makes a nice mat, and, unlike most sedums, this one likes shade.

He also carries lettuce and his tomato plants are coming on. Russell can answer all your plant questions. And don’t miss the gift shop. Wonderful pictures and plant info on his Instagram page. Keep up to date on FB.

Store hours: 10am to 5pm, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday/ 11am to 5pm, Saturday/ noon to 5pm, Sunday.

Homegrown is just over the city line into Pawtucket. Travel all the way north on Blackstone Boulevard and turn right on Alfred Stone Road.

Homegrown, 1 Alfred Stone Road, Pawtucket (directions)


Marsh marigolds with their showy yellow blooms. Like wet locations.

The charming shop building dates from the 1930s.



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