New Shark Plate Now Available

Judging from the initial response, this could end up being the new Rhode Island license plate. It’s so nicely executed and so badass. Or, you can still get . . . a wave. Waves are nice. The Atlantic Shark Institute, a nonprofit Rhode Island shark research organization, is now accepting applications for this new charity plate.

The Atlantic Shark Institute mako shark license plate has arrived just in time for summer fun. The plate was created by noted marine artist Paul McPhee, specifically for the ASI. It’s truly beautiful and captures the iconic mako in it’s expansive ocean environment. The mako shark in now considered endangered worldwide, and you can help support the Atlantic Shark Institute’s critical shark research by purchasing this custom plate for just $42.50 with $20 going to the ASI.

Brian Amaral of the Boston Globe contacted the organization for comment:

“What we really like about the plate is, it’s iconic, it’s cool,” said Jon Dodd, the executive director of the all-volunteer organization. “We hope it’s going to get a lot of people interested in sharks, shark welfare, and ocean health, but it’s also just something cool.”

These are going to sell well.

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