Olivia Pichardo Making History

Brown freshman Olivia Pichardo was representing last Wednesday at Fenway Park when she threw out the ceremonial first pitch of the game (not the best, but far from the worst). Fenway celebrated Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Day with pre-game festivities including Taiko Drumming, traditional dance performances, and food. Remind me to go next year.

Olivia Pichardo made national news this year as the first woman to make a NCAA Division I varsity baseball team right here at Brown University. CBS Sunday Morning ran a profile of Olivia recently.

Softball was never a consideration for Pichardo, who developed her baseball skills as a pitcher and outfielder and competed with older boys. In seventh grade, she made the high school boys’ varsity team. Last spring, she graduated high school with a blazing fastball and an impressive 5.2 GPA.

Pichardo throws right but bats left. She is studying business economics with her focus on a future in baseball operations. In March she became the first woman ever to bat in a Division I game — the helmet she wore in that game is headed for Cooperstown.

(Seen here is photograph of my television.)

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