Eyases Are Hatching And Already Hungry

There’s the white fluff I was telling you about. Saturday was the big hatch day with three out of the four hatchlings making their appearance!  The first hatchling (eyas) arrived at 7am, another at 11:30am, and the third at 3:30pm. The last egg is biding its time but may have hatched by the time you read this. From the Audubon Society page:

The first eyas was spotted around 7am this morning! The female was also seen eating the eggshell to replenish her calcium levels after producing four eggs.

You learn something new every day. And if you enjoy streaming the nest box as much as you enjoy watching Hulu or Netflix, then consider making a donation. It’s entertainment and education, and as these nestlings grow and require increasing amounts of nourishment (pigeons) the action really increases. You thought staring at the eggs was fun . . . wait till you see what happens next.

Or maybe you would like to attend the Party for the Peregrines fundraiser on Saturday, May 13.

For those new to town, the nesting box is located atop what locals refer to as the Superman Building at 111 Westminster Street, downtown across from the Arcade. For the next several weeks, until the young ones are fully fledged and leave home, you can often look up and see the adults flying back and forth to the box.

Update: The fourth egg hatched at 3pm, Sunday, May 7.

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