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(5.13) It’s starting to feel like summer and since we no longer have a drive-in here in the city, we are going to send you up Route 146 to the Rustic Tri-View. They are celebrating 71 years in business! Three screens show different double-features, all starting at dusk. The schedule expands as the season progresses but it’s just the weekend for now. Follow on Facebook for updates and comments like, “Any plans on trimming the trees on screen 2?” And that’s why I always keep loppers in the trunk of my car. Tickets can be purchased online ahead of time. Here are some considerations:

When parking in our lot you will be placed according to your vehicle size and purchasing the correct ticket is very important. Please follow the guidelines below:
  • If you have a car and will be sitting inside or outside your vehicle you will purchase the CARS ticket.
  • If you have a car with a hatchback and plan on sitting in the rear with hatch open you will purchase the SUV ticket.
  • ALL small or large SUV’s and trucks will purchase the SUV ticket.

Movies this weekend:

Screen One: Guardians 3 & Ant Man Wasp Quantumania.

Screen Two: Evil Dead Rise & Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Screen Three: The Super Mario Bros Movie & Puss in Boots: Last Wish.

Starts at sunset, 8:10pm, Friday & Saturday, May 12 & 13, Rustic Tri-View, 1195 Eddie Dowling Highway, North Smithfield, (directions)


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  1. Donna Robidoux

    Buyer Beware!! This drive-in has the most dangerous parking lot I’ve ever seen and has been that way for 20 years! Either wear hiking boots or don’t plan on getting out of your car for any reason because guaranteed you will trip in and over all the holes and broken pieces of tar scattered over the entire lot. It’s really sad to see such a lack of maintenance considering the $30 per car they charge. 🙁

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