Willa Van Nostrand & Ben Sisto — City Hall

The Gallery at City Hall will host the opening reception for “Plural: Recent Paintings and Digital Images by Willa Van Nostrand and Ben Sisto” this Thursday. The show remains up through August 15.

Willa Van Nostrand’s recent paintings evoke the visceral plurality of brushstroke, gesture and the associative meanings of each work. Is it a praying mantis? A butterfly? A palm tree? Or perhaps, a mental scan of everything you’ve ever experienced. The answers, she prefers to leave up to the viewer.

Ben Sisto’s September, Rhode Island uses generative AI tools to produce images from text-based prompts, drawing on the technical language of photography, natural science, and with loose reference to science fiction. Over the course of a year, a total of 576 images are being created and dedicated as public domain.

Go to the City Hall Department of Arts, Culture, and Tourism for information about showing in The Gallery.

Seen here is Willa Van Nostrand’s Luna Moth, gouache on paper, 9” x 12”, 2023.

Reception for Plural, 4pm to 6pm, Thursday, May 18, 2nd floor, City Hall, 25 Dorrance Street, (directions)

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