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I finally got back to Deadbeats on Knight Street where I found owner Jeff Angell waiting to take my order. First I had to take a look around. Another customer was also checking out the new place for the first time and he seemed to share my take on it: the new owners have put their personal stamp on it without changing the basic vibe. So two thumbs up.

Jeff and his wife Courtney Tallarico had been looking at other locations when they discovered that the old E&O Tap site might now be available. RI Monthly spoke with the couple:

A beloved neighborhood watering hole with a devoted following, E&O Tap sat vacant for a few years. Angell had his eye on it ever since it closed. It wasn’t even ever on the market until they made a happenstance connection to lease the space through a realtor and the former owner.

“Every time we told someone about our bar venture and our need for a space, they’d say what about E&O?” Angell says. Finally, they arranged a showing, followed by a meeting and made a mutual agreement. Then they dove right in. “I was afraid this place was destroyed,” Angell adds. “It was in rough shape, but I knew we could make this work. We could bring it back to life.”

Mission accomplished. And Jeff is justifiably proud of the spiffed up bathrooms. He also hopes to get that space out back whipped into shape for the good weather.

I love that pinball machines are still a thing. They’ve got two: Tales from the Crypt and Freddy Nightmare on Elm Street.

(We here at the Dose have a soft spot for this location; it was at the E&O in 2007 that the idea for a local blog was birthed. We returned ten years later to celebrate the anniversary.)

Deadbeats is open seven days:

Monday through Thursday: 4pm to midnight.

Friday 4pm to 1am.

Saturday: 3pm to 1am.

Sunday: 3pm to midnight.

Open this Monday, Memorial Day, from 8pm to midnight.

Deadbeats, 289 Knight Street, (directions)


First dollar?

Have a seat.

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  1. It’s pretty good in there. Once they get some form of proper seating out back (even just benches) it will be a nice warm weather spot. One recommendation: lower the lighting inside. I have been there three times and it’s always too bright by half.

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