Anthony Fountain Flowing Again

The Anthony fountain at Lippitt Park has been brought back to life, and while the wonderfully weird facial spouts are going full bore, the slots at the top of the columns don’t seem to be running. These apertures produce gentle sheets of water that flow down the surface of the columns unifying the sculpture (pic here). Meanwhile, the hoop submerged in the basin spouts vigorously, à la Versailles. The effect is a little wild, but the kids love it and the basin is nice and clean. From “Hidden Treasure: Public Sculpture in Providence” by Robert Freeman and Vivienne Lasky:

The large granite fountains is an interesting example of the Moderne style . . . The strong presence of the fountain, marked by such Moderne characteristics as a prominent vertical thrust, stark geometric shapes, and minimalist carving, works effectively to create a visual focus for a park whose edges lack definition.

Lippitt Park was named for Alexander Farnum Lippitt, a World War I casualty. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism in action north of Chalons in France.

Henry B. Anthony (1815-1884) served as publisher of the Providence Daily Journal, Rhode Island Governor, and United States Senator.

Lippitt Memorial Park, 1015 Hope Street, (directions)

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