Go Celtics!

It is impossible for Boston sports fans not to be reminded of the 2004 Red Sox come-from-behind defeat of the Yankees in the playoffs. Nothing could have been more improbable. And the Sox have the day off today so they will all be watching, so that seems like a good sign. We might even see some of the originals in the crowd tonight:

That team famously trailed 3-0 against the New York Yankees but came back to win the American League Championship Series. And at least one World Series champion from that year is taking notice of the similarities to the current Celtics.

“Our city has done it before,” Johnny Damon tweeted, teasing a potential trip to Boston for Monday’s game.

His hair is probably shorter these days.

[Update: Miami over Boston, 103-84. Not good.]

Game 7, Celtics v. Heat, 8:30pm, Monday, May 29, watch on TNT


Nestbox update: The young peregrines no longer need constant attention. From the ASRI page:

At this stage, it is normal for the parents of the eyases to be absent from the nestbox. They are now spending most of their time hunting to feed their growing family, and they will really only return to feed their young. It also becomes pretty uncomfortable for the parent(s) to remain in the nestbox at all times due to the increasing size of the eyases! Rest assured: the parents are only seconds away if any predator approaches.

And just to be clear, the interventions made on this screen grab all took place in-house here at the Dose and I must say our graphics department did a bang-up job. But the Audubon Society of Rhode Island does not generally engage in such nonsense, nor would they support one team over another . . . except for the Atlanta Falcons I suppose.

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