Week In Music

Monday@Alchemy, the Convalescence, Summoner’s Circle, WoR, Inverter @Red Ink, Niika

Tuesday@Nick-A-Nee’s, David Hansen (Sport Fisher) and Friends, (5:30pm) George Leonard @Dusk, Hysteria, Fraud, Goblin Brain, Treasure Club

Wednesday@Dusk, Grizzlies, Ski Bunny, Jub, Your Friends in Hell @the Met, Phony Ppl, Not So Different @Revival Brewery, Airbag, Pocket Rocket, Wojtek, Headfoam @Askew, Dead Reckoning, Mark of Wrath, Shapethrower, Endeavor @Greenwich Odeum, Debbie Gibson

Thursday@Askew, Time Warp, 1988 @Nick-A-Nee’s, Chris Monti @Innovation District Park, (6pm) Zikina Music @Dusk, Luke, Molly O’Leary, Olivia Dolphin

(Photo of Phony Ppl)

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